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Sewing In The Barn | Ironing Board

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Make your own ironing board!


If you are a quilter, or just like making pieced quilt blocks, here are some ideas you might like for how to make your own ironing surface.


The Board tutorials are for a full sized fabric surface - when you are working with yardage prep.


Jenny Doan's Make your own ironing board


Matt Jordan's Make your own ironing board


TV Tray Piecing Ironing Board imageHere is the how-to make the smaller "tv-tray" style block-piecing board which is more useful if you are just piecing blocks and want to set up a small ironing surface next to your sewing machine for block pressing.  This saves a lot of running back and forth and is very convenient to use with the Steamfast Mini Iron imageSteamFast Mini Iron - available via Amazon, - Walmart, JoAnn's Fabrics and other sewing outlets. 


Note: If  you buy at JoAnn's make sure you choose the correct version, which says SteamFast right on the packaging. JoAnn's sells an inexpensive version without steam for hot-fixing decorative rhinestones to cloth, and it will not work for block piecing as it does not get hot enough.





Or you can buy a ready made Cut-n-Press block piecing board from June Tailor - available via Amazon, JoAnn Fabrics, Walmart and other sewing outlets

June Tailor Cut n Press image

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