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Sewing In The Barn : Oiling Your Serger
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Oiling Your Brother 1034d Serger

If you serge every day for hours, cleaning it out frequently is important. Oiling once a month if you're a heavy user, otherwise, less often is fine. Some folks Never oiled their serger, and insist it is not necessary. But, a lot of wear and tear difficulties can be avoided by taking the time to learn how to clean and oil your serger. Save yourself from making costly beginner mistakes and stop and actually read through the manual before starting. This will help you avoid jamming your machine, breaking your needles and other mishaps which occur before understanding how it is supposed to work.


The Brother 1034d Serger User Manual says to oil your machine before use on page 57, but it doesn't say what oil.


Can I use WD40?

No, use sewing machine oil. WD-40 is a solvent not a lubricant. Sewing machine oil yes, WD40 no........

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Telescoping Oilspout refillable bottle


Cleaning and Oiling your Serger


Cleaning Your Serger




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